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70. It's shocking.... pink!!!! Mix Pink!!! haha!!!

69. So simple!!!!! Something like this, but, not this!! haha!!!!

68. Coffee Time!!!!!! It's a too cold day!!! I think that i will need to wear two coats, haha!!

67. A Romantic day with you!!!! Good morning my love!!!! Have a nice day!!!!

66. Dark Floral Dress!!! So Chic!!! Just for U!!!!

65. I Woke up Like This!!! Make Contrasts on your Daily Look!!! Feel Happy every time!!! Smile!! It's a new day!!!

64. I have to go to my boyfriend's office today!!! I want to look like a business woman, with british style!!! I will put on my new ''british'' coat!!!!

63. Look of the Day: Coral Color and Cold Weather!!!! Don't worry if the weather is bad!!!! Where whatever you like!!!

62. Winter Sunny Days!!!!!! Just for U!!!!! Put your purple on!!!! haha!!!

61. Today i'll try something from British Style, Mix and Match of course!!!! After i'll go to drink a hot chocolate under the sunny!!!!

60. I Have An Appointment!!!! Hurry up!!! I feel anxious, but i will drink a hot coffee with my boyfriend before!!! I need a "Good Luck Roxana"!!!!

59. Do it with an Extraordinary way, if you want to be the centre of attention!!!!!

58. Show me your Blue Mood!!!!

57. Simplicity is always beautyful!!!!

56. Lost your glow???? Brighten up your look with these fabulous four!!! I will get all!! Feel the beauty!!!

55. Bows are... everywhere!!!!! Are so Girlie!!!!!

54. Daily Catwalk!!! Every day is a catwalk for you!!!!

53. Have a Grey Day!!! Grey clouds today!!! I will take an umbrella with me!!!

52. Quick Mix and Match, but so Stylish!!! It was only a break of my reading!!! haha!!!

51. Blue Sky!!!! I want to go for a walk today with my friends!!! I will wear my new dress!!! I love it!!

50. Hey You!!!! Business Woman!!!!!!

49. So So Chic!!! Be all- ways Lady!!!!

48. Glam!!! Just For Your Daily Look!!!!

47. Look of the Day!!! Pink it Out!!!!

46. In...Vogue, In Fashion!!!!

45. Try an Extraordinary Combination!!! Try Mix and Match for your daily look!!!!

44. Fashion Dream!!!! Fashion.... a little dream of me!!!!

43. CosmoFashion!!! CosmoPink!!! CosmoTime!!!!

42. Blue Temptation!!!!! Blue like my eyes!!!!

41. Puffy Coat, for cold days!!!!

40. Make An Extraordinary Contrast!!!!!

39. Pink - it up!!!!

38. Red Love!!! Red Passion!!!

37. The Way You Wear It!!!!

36. All you need is Deep Deep Purple!!!! Could you choose one of them???

35. Good Morning!!! I have to meet my boyfriend!!! I''ll wear something "simple"!!!! Be always simple!!! Be yourself!!! Have a nice day!!!

34. The Girl Next Door!!!!! Look like a college Girl!!!!

33. Real Crazy Fashion!!!! For Crazy Fashionistas!!!!

32. Fall In Love With Fashion!!!!

31. Fashion Is The Mood Maker!!!!

30. Good Morning Beautiful!!! Wake up and Be Stylish!!!

29. Party All the Time!!!!

28. Floral Crown!!!!!

27. Check it Coat!!!!

26. Let's go for Shopping!!!!

25. It's New York Time!!!!

23. Fashion Anarchist!!!!

22. ''Dress'' Code!!!

22. Daily Look!!! British Style!!!