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114. How navy is your look today??? Give it to me pink!!!!

113. I put a smell on you!!!!! Could you try all of them??? haha!!!! The spring coming soon!!!! Find the parfum who inspire you!!!!!

112. Vintage time...... Let's go to a Vintage Cafe, to drink a hot chocolate, to listen jazz from vinyl, to feel the vintage atmosphere!!!! I need it!!!!

111. Fashion Opium!!!!! Black clouds come again..... It will be a rainy day!!!.....

110. Sunny after the rain!!!! Go for coffee!!!! Gossip time!!!!

109. Love me!!!! I want to show you my feelings!!!!!

108. I set fire to the rain!!!! haha!!! Listen this song and... smile!!!! Make your day.... good!!!!

107. I'm singing in the rain!!!! Come with me!!!!!

106. Tea Time, Paris Time.... together....

105. I have the key of your "playroom" Mr. Grey!!!! You can't control me!!!!.....

104. Smile!!! It's a yellow sunny day!!!! come with me!!!!

103. Laters, baby!!! Mr. Grey will see you now.... Ohh.. I feel anxius....

102. Vivre paris..... mon amour.....!!!!!

101. Reading Time!!!! 50 Shades of Grey!!!! Keep.... CURIUS!!!!!

100. Coffee Time with Christian Grey!!!! May I have a cup of Tea please??? haha!!!!

99. From Paris withh Love!!!! Be Parisian!!!!

98. Interview with Christian Grey!!!! Oh!!! I think... i'm in love...

97. Dakota!!! Do it Like me!!!!! Christian waiting!!!!

96. Say YES to Fashion!!!!! Good vibes everyday!!!!!! Be Happy!!!

95. Oh!! yes i am a city girl!!!! I'll prefere something simple for work today!!!!

94. I am in a Blue Mood today!!!! I need a walk!!!!

93. Be Fashionable with an unusual way!!!! Get the Look!!!!!

92. Tea Time with.... Christian Grey!!! haha!!! Wish you will be there!!!!

91. New York Fashion Week!!!!! It's Time to Create!!!!

90. Let's go for a walk baby!!!! I feel so happy today!!!! I feel fashionable with my new clothes!!!! Look at me!!!!

89. Life is full of Love, Fashion hearts!!!!! oh!! I'm in Love!!!!

88. Be Parisian!!!! From Paris with Love!!!!! "Pariasianistas"!!!!

87. Guns and Roses!!!! haha!!!

86. Black me up baby!!! It's extravagant!!!!!! Black MAC!!!!

85. 'Lace to Lace" with you!!!!! haha!!!! Roxana's Choices!!!!

84. Floral on me!!!!! Combination: Two types of Jeans!!!

83. Relax ... coffee time with my boyfriend at Valentine's Day!!!!

82. Give it to me PiNK baby!!!! oh pink!!!!

81. Luxurius Valentine!!!!! All you need is Red!!!!

80. Romantic Heart.... for a romantic day like Valentine's Day...!!!!

79. What wear at Valentine's Day... The weather it's cold!! Put your fur on!!!!

78. Red Love.. Red Valentine... Red Heart... Red Kiss... Red Day!!!! Be in Love!!!

77. Heat Up Your Valentine's Day with GUESS DARE!!!! Guess Dress!!!!

76. Sweet Day with you!!!!! "We Heart" this bag!!!!

75. Valentine!!! Valentine!!! where are you??? I'm in love!!!!!

74. Crey day... i see the grey clouds coming up again!!! oh no!! i'll ware red color to make a contrast with the weather!!!

73. Date Night Dressing with The RealReal!!! Be my Valentine!!!!! I love you!!!!

72. I feel happy today!!! I'll wear pink jeans and my new grey coat!!!! It's an interesting combination!!!

71. A tuch of.... Valentine!!!!! I'm in Love with Fashion!!!!!!