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143. So Simple for Cristian Grey!!!! Do it, like Anastasia Steele!!!!

142. Have fun today!!!! Work hard.... no drama!!!! haha!!!!

141. Late Afternoon!!!! Coffee Time with my boyfriend!!!! I love him!!!!

140. I'm in a blue mood!!!! Wear blue for your work today!!!! Why not????

139. Be happy!!!! all - ways, everywhere, everyday!!!!!

138. Yellow sunny day!!!!! It's time for a walk!!!!! feel the fresh air!!!!

137. Shipping Time!!!! What do you wear today?? Something navy???? haha!!!!!

136. Business Time!!!!! Ohh yes!!!! I am a business woman, and i like it!!!!!

135. Hey beautyful!!!! You've got Nail!!!!! haha!!!! It's Essie to make the difference with your style!!!! Try a new combination for your daily - spring look!!!!

134. Be U - tiful today!!!!! wear something pink!!!!! Go to drink a hot coffee alone!!!! feel freed!!!!

133. Have a sweet day!!!!!! Be a Parisianista!!!!!!

132. Normal people scare me!!!! I want to meet Mr. Grey....He isn't normal!!!!

131. Wear Dark floral with denim today, and go for a walk with your best friend to make your mood!!!!

130. How navy is your spring look????!!!!!

129. One way, or another!!!!!!!!

128. Everyday is an adventure!!!! Carpe Diem!!!!!

127. Make the difference with your daily look!!!!!

126. QualiTea Time!!!! Have a good afternoon!!!! Relax.... take it easy!!!!!!

125. Wear Floral Today, and play with your Moschino toy!!!!!

124. Coffee Time in Paris!!!!! Wish you will be there!!!!

123. Stay with me!!!! I need a walk with you!!!!

122. Spring Rainny Day!!!! I'll wear my boots again!!!!

121. Italian Designer!!! Emillio Pucci!!!

120. Parisianistas!!!!! All time classic!!!!!

119. Coffee Time!!!!!! Sunny day!!!! Smiiiiile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

118. Work Style!!! Why not???? Ideal.... if you are a Fashionista like me!!!!

117. Spring it out!!!!! Put your floral sweater on!!!!

116. Spring walks!!!! feel the fresh air.... smell the flowers... Make your mood!!!

115. Goodmorning!!!! Hello March!!!! Spring is in the air!!!! Be in love!!!!