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164. Read more about Fashion today!!!!!! Feel the chic!!!!!!

163. Bon Appetit!!!!! Paris is always a good idea!!!!! Parisianistas!!!!!!!!!

162. So chic!!!! So stylish!!!!!!

161. Roxana's Alert!!!!! My choices on make up and clothing for spring and summer 2015!!!! Get the look!!!! I have a big collection of denim shorts, and you???? haha!!!!!

160. Work Styler!!!!! An extraordinary way to wear your shorts!!!!

159. Work Style!!!!! Why not???? Make the difference!!!!!

158. Good Morning!!!!! I feel so happy!!!!! How much i love fashion!!!!

157. Daily Look!!!!!! So cute, so simple!!!!! So Pink!!!!

156. Laugh out loud!!!! Enjoy it today!!!!! Carpe diem!!!!!

155. Keep calm and go to Paris: the center of.... Fashionistas!!!!!

154. Dream your Denim!!!!! Two type denim combination!!!! try it... with floral!!!!

153. Iam in a blue mood this morning!!!! I need a coffee and a walk!!!!

152. It's Shocking!!!! Shocking Pink!!!! Heart it!!!! Put pink on your daily look!!!!

151. So simple.... so chic!!!!! Business Girl!!!! Work hard, have fun, and no drama!!!!!!

150. I put a stripe on you!!!! Make a Contrast!!!!!

149. Be an extraordinary city girl!!!!! Put your crazy feelings on your daily look!!!!!

148. It's time to change your life!!!!!.... to change your style!!!! to change your mood!!!!!! Be in Love!!!!!

147. Casual Friday???? or Crazy Friday???? haha!!!! I Love Cupkaces and u????

146. Floral is the "Must Have" item for this Spring!!!!! Be the MustHave in your world!!!!

145. Let me in Paris!!!! I woke up in love this morning!!!!! I love him, but it's a secret!!!!

144. Fly high!!! From New York to Paris!!!!! Be Awesome!!!! Born to be Kind.... Born to be in Fashion!!!!