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178. Live in a Jurassic World..full of flowers!!!!!!

177. Crem De La Crem!!!!! Do you prefere pale colors for your look today???? Why Not????

176. How navy is your style???? How blue is your mood???? Get the look!!!!!

175. Mini Editorial: This Week love.... interior design, romantic style, vintage denim, gadjets, simplicity and office style!!!!! And u?????

174. Feel free today.... because it's Friday!!!! Free- Day!!!!! Relax with....yourself!!!!!

173. I'm going to my office!!!! Do you want to come with me???? I need a walk with you!!!!

172. Mini Editorial: This Week love the Street Style, all shades of blue, the flowers on deco items, and the white accesories!!!!! And you????

171. Miss Chic!!!! You are more than beautiful, you're more than words could ever say.... today!!!!! Expreess yourself with fashion!!!!!

170. Art Deco Combinations!!!!!! Play with colors, deco items, textiles..... and.... change your mood!!!!! Be Creative!!!!!

169. Mini Editorial: This week Roxana loves vintage denim , the sneakers , the pale colors , and donuts!!!!!!!! and you?????

168. Chic and Simple!!!!! Work Style!!!!! Get it!!!!!

167. Today is a..... good day!!!!! Feel good vibes only!!!!! Follow your heart.... not your mind!!!!!

166. Decoration Time!!!! I love flowers!!!! I love little boxes with patterns!!!!! I can make your mood!!!!!

165. I am a Business Girl and i like it!!!!! haha!!!!! Try a simple - business daily look!!!!!